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Donate Your Car in Connecticut

Creating a positive social and environmental impact – that is what donating your cars via Charity Motors means. Doing it is easy and convenient. Just fill out a donation form and leave the rest of the donation process to us.

Benefits of Car Donations in Connecticut

Seamless Process

Seamless Process

It is definitely hassle-free, and we will make sure that it will be a smooth journey for you. Just submit a form on our website or call us, then we will take care of everything else.

Numerous Tax Benefits

Through your car donation to Charity Motors, you will enjoy full fair market tax deduction benefit.

Donate to the Charity of Your Choice

Yes, you are free to choose which charitable organization will benefit from your donation.

How to Donate Your Car in Connecticut
– the Charity Motors Way

The process is seamless, as promised. Here is how to donate your car in Connecticut through Charity Motors:

Fill out a donation form online, or make a quick call over the phone. It takes less than two minutes doing so.

We will schedule a free pickup within 48 hours, and arrange the most convenient location to make that happen.

Receive your tax-deductible receipt in as early as two weeks.

Connecticut Car Donation FAQs

What is tax receipt timing?

Ensure your donation reaches us by December 31, 2024, 11:59 PM, for a 2024 tax receipt, regardless of pickup in 2024.

What types of vehicles do you accept for donation?

We welcome various vehicles—cars, RVs, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and more. Virtually any vehicle can be donated.

What happens after I donate my car?

Your vehicle will be evaluated and sold strategically, with proceeds going to the charitable organization of your choice. You’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt based on the sale amount.

Are there any costs involved?

Enjoy hassle-free giving; there are no charges for donation processing or pickup.

Can I donate a car from a deceased owner?

If the owner passed away, donate with a copy of the death certificate and proof of inheritance.

Why should I donate a car?

Experience swift professional pickup, maximize your tax deduction, receive a complimentary vacation voucher, and contribute to a charity dedicated to children. Simplify your giving journey by choosing car donation.

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