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Car Donations with Charity Motors

Charity Motors Makes Car Donations Easy

Donating your car to charity has never been easier. Your car donation begins with three easy steps:

  1. Share some information about your vehicle by filling out our online form, calling us at 888-908-2277 or chatting with our live representatives.
  2. We tow your car for FREE anywhere in the continental U.S.
  3. You receive your car’s full fair-market value in tax deductions, and your car goes to someone in need.

Why Donate Your Car With Charity Motors?

We accept vehicles in any condition, provide free towing and give you a receipt for the full fair-market value tax deduction.

At Charity Motors, YOU pick your charity, and you can rest easy knowing your used vehicle helps low-income families in need purchase affordable transportation.

Charities That Accept Donated Cars

When you donate your used car to Charity Motors, you get to pick your charity to support. Whether you want to support a local animal rescue or a national veteran’s group, Charity Motors allows you to donate your car to your favorite nonprofit.

Charity Motors lets you donate your car to a nonprofit of your choice
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