Giving Back

Here at Charity Motors, we talk about giving back a lot. It’s because generosity is a core value of who we are and what we do. We both give back as a company as well as partner with others who want to give back to a cause they believe in.

So we’ve compiled some of our favorite ways to give back this December. This list includes ways to give back financially as well as ways to give back without breaking the bank.

1. Share a meal with someone.

The holidays are often hard for people who are far from family or who have experienced loss. Sharing a meal or baking cookies for a neighbor or a friend is an extraordinarily valuable gift. Don’t underestimate the gift of giving your time.

christmas-cookies-2975570_19202. Give a Year End Gift 

What cause fills you with excitement? Perhaps it’s a local animal shelter, a cause supporting veterans, a charity that provides clean water to people around the world, or cancer research. Whatever it is, now is a great time to give and many charities count on year end giving in order to support them in the new year.


3. Make care packages for the homeless.

These are great to hand out when you drive past a man or woman on a street corner. You can also donate these to a homeless shelter. Here’s a link to some great care package ideas.

4. Donate a car to Charity Motors and choose the proceeds to go to a charity of your choice.

If you have a favorite charity that you would love to give back to, you can! This is an especially great option if you have an old car that’s been needing an upgrade or simply sitting around gathering dust. Bonus: cars are sold at our auctions around the country. At these auctions, Charity Motors provides financial assistance to those in need looking to purchase a car.


5. Give the gift of encouragement.

Kind words can make or break someone’s day. Whether it’s the cashier at the grocery store or a handwritten note to a friend, a few encouraging words can go a long way. 

This holiday season, we hope you find ways to give back. Even if it’s small, it’s still significant.