Why Charity Motors?

Why Charity Motors 

There are a number of car donation companies you could go through. Why us? What sets us apart from the crowd? Let me tell you! 

We have a proven track record of charitable giving.

In the past twenty years, we’ve given away more than $100 million in charitable gifts and car subsidies. Don’t just take our word for it. An audit by Plante & Moran shows our history of charitable giving.

You choose your charity.

Charity Motors allows you to invest in the cause you’re most passionate about. People have donated to a huge variety of organizations through Charity Motors–everything from animal rescue centers to cancer research foundations to organizations that assist the homeless. What cause are you passionate about?

We help low income buyers purchase a car.

Charity Motors assists low-income buyers with purchasing a much needed vehicle. We provide a 50% subsidy to people needing to purchase a car. This is an amazing program to help families get access to reliable transportation.

You receive a tax deduction for your car’s full worth! 

You, as a donor, receive a full fair-market value tax deduction for the donation of your car. You can write off exactly how much your car is worth when you file your taxes. Score!

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your vehicle and get rid of the beater, you know where to turn! Donate your vehicle to Charity Motors today and invest in a cause you believe in.