For The Kids-A Worthy Cause

At Charity Motors, we are passionate about helping others help those in need. When you donate an old used car, the proceeds from your donation goes directly to a charity of your choice. Over the years, we’ve partnered with hundreds of charities around Detroit and the nation. Now, we’re excited to highlight some of the various charities we’ve partnered with via our donors. 

Yatooma’s Foundation For the Kids

cemetery-2093999_1920One charity we’re especially passionate about is Yatooma’s Foundation For the Kids. For the Kids exists to help families and children who’ve experienced tragedy and loss. In the middle of their darkest moments, For the Kid’s provides financial assistance and emotional support. For the Kid’s meets children’s and family’s needs in highly practical ways in order to help them through the grieving process and set them up for success in the future.

Facing Tragedy

sad-child-1759986_1920The tragedy of losing one’s parent hits all too close to home for founder, Norman Yatooma. His father died tragically when Norman was a junior in college and he watched as his family spiraled both emotionally and financially. His father’s death brought about enormous difficulties on his family—his mother was hospitalized five times and they were met on every end with creditors and hardship. In all of it, Norman clung to his faith to get him through. Now, Norman’s life looks very different. He has a successful law firm and a family with three beautiful daughters. He has made it his mission to help those in the middle of tragic loss. A statement from their website encompasses the heart behind their charity:

“As grief knows no race, religion, status, or geographic location, this very special class of young people that have been indiscriminately chosen by circumstances beyond their control, must be given the chance to remain children for a little while longer. These children must be lovingly guided, rather than thrust by their circumstances, into the responsibilities and development of adulthood.”

Tragedy Meets Triumph

baby-2553539_1920Yatooma’s Foundation For the Kids is helping do just that. This is an incredibly powerful and moving organization and we are proud to partner with them on their journey of turning tragedy into triumph and changing the world, one life at a time.
If you’d like to donate a car and have the proceeds go to Yatooma’s Foundation For the Kids, follow this link. You will have the opportunity to choose which charity the proceeds from your car will benefit.