Donate To Your Favorite Charity Through Charity Motors

Charity Motors is an incredibly innovative company which buys cars in any condition and donates proceeds of the sales to the charity or church of your choice.
In return for the donated car, the seller will not only give back to those in need, they will also receive the full fair-market value tax deduction for their charitable donation.
Charity Motors accepts all vehicles in any condition, running or not. They are the car donation experts and have been satisfying donors for more than two decades.
The company will even use professional tow companies who operate nationwide to tow your donated car for free.

Peace 4 Animals has collaborated with Charity Motors to help save wild elephants and rhinos who soon face extinction due to severe poaching. In efforts to spread awareness about this collaborative effort to save these animals’ lives, Charity Motors will release a commercial featuring Peace 4 Animals as a featured charity to donate your car to. Proceeds donated to peace 4 Animals will go directly towards the charity’s ‘Project Endangered Species’ program.Elephants and Rhinos desperately need our help and the fate of their survival lies in our hands. Together we can make a difference and preserve these animals for generations to come. Please consider donating your old or used car to Charity Motors and give back in a large and impactful way.

World Animal News and Peace 4 Animals would like to send a huge thank you to Charity Motors for supporting and sponsoring Peace 4 Animals and helping to fight against the poaching of these endangered animals.To learn more about donating your car to Charity Motors, CLICK HERE

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