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Pick the charity that receives the proceeds from your car donation or allow us to donate those proceeds to the charities we support. It's up to you! Below are a few of the organizations that our donors have chosen to support.

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Why Donate Your Vehicle to Charity Motors?- When donating to Charity Motors® you will get the full fair market value for your vehicle for tax deduction purposes. All vehicles donated are used in our special transportation assistance program to help the underprivileged with their vehicle needs. Thanks to the generous vehicle donations from donors, Charity Motors is able to donate $40,000 a week to more than 2,000 nonprofit organizations and has given away more than $24 million to charities.

Helping Those In Need- When you donate your vehicle you are doing more than ridding yourself of that old car that's just sitting in your driveway, you are helping the underprivileged get to work, pick up their children, grocery shop, and survive the daily grind we all face. Plus, we offer free towing, so there is no hassle for you.

It's Super Easy!- You can either donate online by completing our simple car donation form or call us at 888.908.CARS. We will also tow your vehicle for free! Running or not, we will take it. We help you schedule your free towing when you call us to donate your vehicle, but of course you are welcome to drive your vehicle to one of our locations.

You Benefit- Forget the time consuming task and money demanding hassle of selling your car. When you donate your car we will take care of the rest. Just fill out our online car donation form or call us at 888.908.CARS. As a donor you will receive the full fair market value back in the form of a tax deduction. Your tax deduction paperwork will be mailed to you in just a few short days of you making your vehicle donation.

You Get To Choose- When donating your car to Charity Motors® you have the option to choose any 501(c)(3) recognized school, church or organization that you choose, and we will donate the proceeds of the sale of your vehicle to them. All you need to do is to provide us with the charities name and contact information and we will take it from there!